Assetto Corsa Compeitzione 1.0.5 disponível para download

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Saiu à poucos instantes uma nova atualização para o Assetto Corsa Competizione. A versão 1.0.5 já está disponível para download através do Steam. Se seu jogo ainda não atualizou, baste reiniciar o aplicativo steam. Confira as novidades da nova versão.


v1.0.5 Changelog:

- Potential fix for failure to start the game with a particular combination of characters in the username.
- Added logs for autosave replay issue.

- Minor changes to the server ping system.
- Fixed CP servers memorizing disconnected users in certain situations.
- Added 2nd results json file (via dumpLeaderboards) that contains more information.
- Enabled Lumirank display in Multiplayer.
- (Slightly) reduced amount of necessary netcode packets, especially while other cars are changing setups.
- Fixed server trying to connect to the secondary lobby backend first.
- Race weekend resets now reset the track grip as intended again.
- Added configuration option "randomizeTrackWhenEmpty".
- Added "forceEntryList" option for non-public servers.
- Fixed "maxClientsOverride" not working as indented, including the calculation for spectator slots left on busy servers.
- Improved "/next" admin command, which now always forces the end of the session instead of skipping to the next one.
- Race weekend simulation now allows to chain sessions, so the weather and track condition will just carry over.
- CP Servers will now chain the Qualifying session into the Race session, so the starting conditions are well known.
- Teleports of own car will now re-focus it in the last drivable camera.
- The initial CP Rating (until a certain amount of races/positions have been completed) changed. Winning points will move the CP Rating more directly to the target, while losing only gives a comparably tiny progress.
- Improved backend stability, moved one in-memory cache layer to hard disk.
- Server now creates the required folders if necessary.
- The Pitstop MFD can now be used in FP and Q while driving in a team, allowing swaps in all session types.
- Updated Server Admin Handbook v2 to cover: "Custom cars", "overrideCarModelForCustomCar", "customCar"; "forceEntryList"; "randomizeTrackWhenEmpty"
- Fixed setup and timing serialization in driver swap situations. The car taking over should now be able to use the Pitstop MFD as intended.

- Fixed tyre wear incorrectly resetting in pit stops.

- Fixed issues with rebinding an existing control and saving presets.

- Audio scale improvements.

- Fixed Mercedes engine damage raising too much at engine limiter. Additional damage tweaks for Audi R8, Lamborghini Huracán and BMW M6.
- Fixed Honda NSX too high fuel consumption.
- Honda NSX AI tweaks.
- Fixed missing Porsche aggressive Nurburgring setup.
- Fixed astroturf grip level at some locations on Spa.

- Improved AI movement when they are on the outside.

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01/12/2019 - 20h00


J6 Cup 4
90 min Sprint Race

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