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O Assetto Corsa Competizione foi atualizado para a versão 0.7.2, corrigindo vários problemas e trazendo algumas novidades. Duas delas muito interessantes para o Multiplayer, que afetam diretamente nossos campeonatos. 

Em breve nossos servidores estarão atualizados. Confira as mudanças.

Changelog 0.7.2

- Fixed qualifying rule bug in Custom Race Weekend when the number of race sessions set were fewer than the number of qualifying sessions.
- Fix for cut warnings used in non-race sessions.
- Improved AI behavior under braking in traffic.
- Added AI reaction time at race start.
- Cars lapping the focused car now indicated red on the real-time display.
- More consistent real-time display.
- Fixed controls lock issue after a race restart.
- Enabled refueling in Multiplayer pitstops.
- Fixed potential freeze/crash in Multiplayer.
- In Multiplayer, players who are late to press "Drive" before the formation lap will be sent to pitlane with controls locked.
- Fixed mandatory pit calculation for AI if Driver Stint pitstop mode is selected.
- More reliable blue flag triggers.
- On race-end, the real-time display now shows the official finish position.
- Fixed track getting dry too quickly when rain goes down in small increments.
- Disabled "Remove fastest lap" penalty from practice and qualifying.
- Fixed MFD taking mouse focus away from the Pause menu.
- Possible fix for missing Force Feedback in VR mode.
- Fix to a bug that switched the F3 camera set when switching cars (both in replay and in game using shift+arrows).
- Improved manual and automatic clutch issues and functionality.
- Fixed VR navigation in the Multiplayer lobby page.
- Navigation is now possible in the MFD in VR mode.
- Fixed a bug in dynamic weather that removed the starting rain from the Light Rain preset with dynamic mode enabled.
- Fixed replay searching for a car that is already disconnected in Multiplayer.
- Added priority to player-related penalty messages in race communication.

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3h de Monza
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30/06/2019 - 19h00


J6 Endurance Cup

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